2014 Workers’ Compensation Deadlines

Reproduced with permission from Doug Maag of Alternative Risk LTD.

Group Rating

The deadline for guaranteed enrollment is February 14. Enrollment forms received after this date could result in ineligibility for the program. If you have not returned your completed group rating forms, we ask that you email a copy to KFraatz@WickensLaw.com and mail your originals to our office with the enrollment fee.

Group Retro

The deadline for guaranteed enrollment is April 1. Enrollment forms received after this date could result in ineligibility for the program. If you have not returned your completed forms, we ask that you email a copy to KFraatz@WickensLaw.com and mail your originals to our office with the enrollment fee.

2-Hour Safety Training Required to be Completed by June 30, 2014

The Ohio BWC requires group-rated employers that experienced at least one claim in the prior 2 calendar years, either 2011 or 2012, to complete 2 hours of safety training. This can be accomplished either in person at one of the seminars, or online www.bwc.ohio.gov.

Drug Free Safety Program (DFSP)

Employers who want to enroll in the program for the 2014 rate year need to submit completed paper work to the BWC by April 30 to receive a 4-7% discount.

DFSP Enrollees Self-Assessment due to Ohio BWC by March 31.

Payroll Reports and Premiums are Due by February 28, 2014

Your BWC payroll report for the July 1 to December 31, 2013, reporting period is now available on www.bwc.ohio.gov. The deadline to report your payroll and pay your premium for this period is February 28, 2014. Please make sure to update and report payroll within this reporting period to maintain eligibility for BWC programs and discounts.

Paying Premiums Online

When reporting payroll online you can pay your premium with a credit card using Quick Pay. You can use MasterCard®, VISA® or American Express®. You can also authorize a payment from your checking or savings account. If you authorize payment from your checking or savings account, you can future date your premium payment up to the due date for the reporting period.

50/50 Payment Plan

The 50/50 plan is available for the July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 reporting period. To participate you must use the online 50/50 Payment Plan service offering, your coverage status must be active and you must NOT be enrolled in the Flexible Payment Plan (FlexPay) for the reporting period. You must report your payroll and pay 50% of your premium at the same time. You cannot report your payroll, and then pay 50% of your premium later. You must submit your payroll information and pay 50% of your premium by February 28, 2014. The remaining premium is due by June 1, 2014. To pay the remaining premium, you must use the accounts receivable balance service offering.

2013 EM Cap Program Participants

EM Cap Program Self Assessments are due by March 31 and step 6 must be completed by March 31.

Lapse Free

To reward timely payers, employers that have had no lapses in coverage during the past 60 months will receive a premium discount of 1% up to $1,000 per 6 months. No application is required.

Go Green

Employers can reduce paperwork and receive a premium discount for receiving their payroll report electronically, reporting their payroll and paying premiums in FULL on www.bwc.ohio.gov of 1% up to $1,000 per 6 months. No application is required.

Industry Specific

To receive the 3% industry-specific safety rebate, employers commit to completing the following activities during their program year. (Private employers between July 1 and June 30)

  • Completion of an online safety management self-assessment during the enrollment process
  • Participation in loss-prevention activities based on payroll
    • Industry-specific safety classes offered by DSH
    • On-site safety consulting by DSH experts
    • Annual Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

Deadline to enroll for the 2014 rate year is the last business day in April and requires that a completed Safety Management Self-Assessment be completed at the time of application. Private employers in the 2013 ISSP must complete all required loss prevention activities no later than June 30.

Transitional Work

Employers with an approved transitional work plan may receive a back-end discount up to 10% for using the plan to return injured workers back to work. Well-developed transitional work programs can save employers money by returning injured workers back to the workplace in a safe, timely manner. Deadline to enroll for the 2014 rate year is last business day in April.

Flex Pay

Private state-fund employers must report payroll and pay premium twice a year, by August 31 for the 1/1/XX to 6/30/XX period and February 28 for the 7/1/XX to 12/31/XX period. FlexPay provides you with an alternative method of paying your premium. It allows you to pre-pay your premiums online and receive discounts for early payment.

Private state-fund employers with active coverage are eligible to participate in FlexPay regardless of their participation in BWC alternative rating/discount programs. You are not eligible to participate or receive any discount if you report zero payroll for the reporting period. The early payment discount is available to you only if you pay your premiums online. If you are participating in individual-retrospective rating, BWC will apply your early payment discount only to the minimum premium as defined by rule 4123-17-44.

With FlexPay, discounts are incremental and decline based upon the payment date. The earlier you pay your premiums, the larger the discount. BWC will base the discount rates on our most recent actuarial audit, so they may fluctuate by payroll period. BWC will apply your discount to the total blended premium you pay after all other discounts, dividends, etc.

Eligible employers wishing to participate in FlexPay can view a schedule of discounts and payment deadlines that must be met to receive the corresponding discount. See example below.

Example only

Payment by                            Discount Rate

January 31                                 2.00%
February 28                               1.71%
March 31                                   1.43%
April 30                                     1.14%
May 31                                      0.86%
June 30                                      0.57%
July 31                                       0.29%

Period due date:  August 31


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