BWC Creates New Program for Brand-New Ohio Businesses

BWC Creates New Program for Brand-New Ohio Businesses

The BWC Board of Directors approved the creation and implementation of a new program in Ohio called the Grow Ohio Incentive Program.  The Program allows brand-new employers to receive a 25% discount on their workers’ comp premium OR elect to participate in group rating within thirty days of applying for workers’ comp coverage.  (In the past, new employers had to wait until the February group rating enrollment period and had to pay full premium until they could enroll in a group plan and then that group rating discount did not take effect until July.)

For purposes of the Program, a “new employer” is an employer creating one or more jobs in Ohio on or after 7/1/11 or is an out of state employer bringing work to Ohio but never having had coverage in Ohioreviously.  (PEO’s, self-insured employer’s and employer’s with zero payroll are not eligible for the Program.)

A new employer will receive the 25% discount for the payroll period during which their new coverage becomes effective through the following four consecutive payroll periods.  New employer’s electing to receive the 25% discount can also “stack” discounts from Drug Free Safety Program, Early Payment Discount, Safety Council, Salary Continuation and Small Deductible.

However, the 25% discount is not compatible with Group Rating, EM Cap, Group Retrospective Rating, Large Deductible, One Claim  Program or Retrospective Rating.

Of course, these new benefits come with a price – each employer must complete the BWC’s safety program which includes completing  a safety assessment and participating in a safety training module.  Additionally, in order to continue to receive the 25% discount, a new employer must be current on premium payment and cannot incur a lapse in coverage of more than forty days within a twelve month period.

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